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Doctor Who - Gallifrey Stands Podcast - Complete Audio Drama Collection -  - Doctor Squee

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Read by Doctor Squee, Michelle Sewell, Sandy Shakespeare, Dottie Who, Tom Dangerfield, Fiona Angwin, Kevin Hudson, Johns Draper, Peter Purves, Christopher Ryan
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The podcast Gallifrey Stands puts these out every Christmas. These are HIGH quality fan-made audio dramas, as good as Big Finish, in my humble opinion. They are always about 90 minutes long and feature Doctor Squee as the Doctor.

Here are the four audio dramas out available as of Christmas 2015:

1) When Time gets unstuck in the Tardis, the Doctor must travel through its corridors experiencing moments from the past.

Joined only by his new companion Orla, they meet many friends & foes from their past and face some of their personal demons on their journey to fix the Tardis & save the Doctors timeline & that of the Tardis herself.

2) As the Doctor & companion Orla head back to Earth for her Dad’s funeral, they reminisce on how they met. The Doctor had just regenerated and found himself crashing into Orla’s life. Meanwhile, the new health minister is unveiling a drug that could be the cure for Orla’s Dad’s cancer. But is this cure too good to be true, or could it be deadlier than cancer itself? Added to this, is one of the Doctors oldest enemies manipulating it all from behind the scenes and if so can the Doctor pull it together after the change to stop him?

3) After traveling together for 2 years, to celebrate the Doctor reluctantly takes Orla back to the first planet they visited together, joined by their friends Sandy & Ainley. When they return the new president tells them all is well on the planet, but to be careful of the warmongering rebels in the west who seek an end to the peace. But when Orla gets captured by the rebels both she & the Doctor soon find out there is more going on beyond what they can see. Are the rebels the true enemy? Is new president Wash all she seems? Why is the Doctor so reluctant to return? And has the first planet Orla visited with the Doctor been unsaved?

4) The Doctor & his friends land back on his home, Gallifrey, on Anchor Day. A great celebration of when Gallifrey was first anchored in time to the vortex. One Timelord sits in the Anchor and can see all time on Gallifrey. But trouble starts when the Master gains control of the device. Only the Doctor can stop him by sitting in the Anchor himself. The problem is sitting in it is a one-way trip. Can the Doctor and his friends save the day and come out alive or will the Master gain control of the universe? One thing for sure, with steam trains, Raston Warriors and different versions of the Doctor involved, it’s going to get more confusing before this is all done!


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