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Port William Stories - Wendell Berry

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Read by various narrators
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My Note: These are heartwarming tales of small-town America, mostly Kentucky in the 20th century. They are told from the viewpoint of a person remembering his or her life, with all its ups & downs. They can generally be listened to in any order, as each book is a complete ‘remembrance’ on its own, but beginning with ‘Nathan Coulter’, the first book in the series, was a good starting point for me. Many of the same characters will appear in different capacities across the books and make you want to explore their stories as well. The narrators are quite good and fit the parts they speak very well. See for more details

Nathan Coulter-Narrator Paul Michael- 4.3 Hrs.
Hannah Coulter-Narrator Susan Denaker-7 Hrs.
Jayber Crow-Narrator Paul Michael-15 Hrs.
A Place on Earth-Narrator Paul Michael-12 Hrs.
A World Lost-Narrator Michael Kramer- 4.5 Hrs.
Andy Catlett-Narrator Paul Michael-6 Hrs.
Remembering-Narrator Michael Kramer-4.5 Hrs.
The Memory of Old Jack-Narrator Paul Michael-6 Hrs
That Distant Land: The Collected Stories-Narrator Michael Kramer-19.3 Hrs.

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A Place on Earth 1746208_001_IN.mp3 10.31 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_002_C001.mp3 11.61 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_003_C002.mp3 10.85 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_004_C003.mp3 12.31 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_005_C004.mp3 11.84 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_006_C005.mp3 11.16 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_007_C006.mp3 11.34 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_008_C007.mp3 11.75 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_009_C008.mp3 11.46 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_010_C009.mp3 10.47 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_011_C010.mp3 11.66 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_012_C011.mp3 10.7 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_013_C012.mp3 12.55 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_014_C013.mp3 11.8 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_015_C014.mp3 10.31 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_016_C015.mp3 11.66 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_017_C016.mp3 13 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_018_C017.mp3 10.85 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_019_C018.mp3 10.39 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_020_C019.mp3 10.38 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_021_C020.mp3 13.04 MBs
A Place on Earth 1746208_022_C021.mp3 8.94 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_001_IN.mp3 5.98 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_002_C001.mp3 5.5 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_003_C002.mp3 2.83 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_004_C003.mp3 8.06 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_005_C004.mp3 5.41 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_006_C005.mp3 5.08 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_007_C006.mp3 7.49 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_008_C007.mp3 2.11 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_009_C008.mp3 12.18 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_010_C009.mp3 5.76 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_011_C010.mp3 4.05 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_012_C011.mp3 7.07 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_013_C012.mp3 1.31 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_014_C013.mp3 3.15 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_015_C014.mp3 2.73 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_016_C015.mp3 3.12 MBs
A World Lost 1746327_017_C016.mp3 1.67 MBs
Andy Catlett 1746224_001_IN.mp3 10.33 MBs
Andy Catlett 1746224_002_C001.mp3 10.3 MBs
Andy Catlett 1746224_003_C002.mp3 11.6 MBs
Andy Catlett 1746224_004_C003.mp3 13.71 MBs
Andy Catlett 1746224_005_C004.mp3 11.89 MBs
Andy Catlett 1746224_006_C005.mp3 13.77 MBs
Andy Catlett 1746224_007_C006.mp3 14.05 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_001_IN.mp3 12.84 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_002_C001.mp3 13.38 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_003_C002.mp3 12.85 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_004_C003.mp3 10.68 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_005_C004.mp3 12 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_006_C005.mp3 12.41 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_007_C006.mp3 11.56 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_008_C007.mp3 12.11 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_009_C008.mp3 11.13 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_010_C009.mp3 10.87 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_011_C010.mp3 12.22 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_012_C011.mp3 12.5 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_013_C012.mp3 13.42 MBs
Hannah Coulter 1746225_014_C013.mp3 8.24 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_001_IN.mp3 6.81 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_002_C001.mp3 2.82 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_003_C002.mp3 11.54 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_004_C003.mp3 8.8 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_005_C004.mp3 4.87 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_006_C005.mp3 7.18 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_007_C006.mp3 15.49 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_008_C007.mp3 14.74 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_009_C008.mp3 9.22 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_010_C009.mp3 9.17 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_011_C010.mp3 10.17 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_012_C011.mp3 4.26 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_013_C012.mp3 9.51 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_014_C013.mp3 3.3 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_015_C014.mp3 7.97 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_016_C015.mp3 7.46 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_017_C016.mp3 9.98 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_018_C017.mp3 10.98 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_019_C018.mp3 4.66 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_020_C019.mp3 6.84 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_021_C020.mp3 10.74 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_022_C021.mp3 11.92 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_023_C022.mp3 12.81 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_024_C023.mp3 10.58 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_025_C024.mp3 8.97 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_026_C025.mp3 12.74 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_027_C026.mp3 11.5 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_028_C027.mp3 6.81 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_029_C028.mp3 11.61 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_030_C029.mp3 8.6 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_031_C030.mp3 8.36 MBs
Jayber Crow 1746191_032_C031.mp3 9.26 MBs
Nathan Coulter 1746330_001_IN.mp3 17.71 MBs
Nathan Coulter 1746330_002_C001.mp3 12.43 MBs
Nathan Coulter 1746330_003_C002.mp3 35.93 MBs
Nathan Coulter 1746330_004_C003.mp3 16.91 MBs
Nathan Coulter 1746330_005_C004.mp3 13.42 MBs
Nathan Coulter 1746330_006_C005.mp3 12.23 MBs
Nathan Coulter 1746330_007_C006.mp3 10.39 MBs
Nathan Coulter 1746330_008_C007.mp3 5.34 MBs
Remembering 1768610_001_IN.mp3 16.86 MBs
Remembering 1768610_002_C001.mp3 11.22 MBs
Remembering 1768610_003_C002.mp3 13.19 MBs
Remembering 1768610_004_C003.mp3 7.89 MBs
Remembering 1768610_005_C004.mp3 15.08 MBs
Remembering 1768610_006_C005.mp3 15.73 MBs
Remembering 1768610_007_C006.mp3 7.34 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_001_IN.mp3 11.77 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_002_C001.mp3 11.65 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_003_C002.mp3 12.14 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_004_C003.mp3 13.35 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_005_C004.mp3 11.68 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_006_C005.mp3 12.11 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_007_C006.mp3 10.41 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_008_C007.mp3 10.48 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_009_C008.mp3 13.37 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_010_C009.mp3 10.91 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_011_C010.mp3 13.01 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_012_C011.mp3 13.39 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_013_C012.mp3 2.19 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_014_C013.mp3 12.84 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_015_C014.mp3 13.02 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_016_C015.mp3 12.91 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_017_C016.mp3 13.13 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_018_C017.mp3 12.8 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_019_C018.mp3 12.91 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_020_C019.mp3 13.37 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_021_C020.mp3 10.54 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_022_C021.mp3 11.43 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_023_C022.mp3 12.97 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_024_C023.mp3 11.62 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_025_C024.mp3 11.96 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_026_C025.mp3 10.35 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_027_C026.mp3 13.43 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_028_C027.mp3 13.62 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_029_C028.mp3 13.23 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_030_C029.mp3 11.46 MBs
That Distant Land 1746108_031_C030.mp3 13.19 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_001_IN.mp3 13.59 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_002_C001.mp3 10.52 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_003_C002.mp3 13 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_004_C003.mp3 13.62 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_005_C004.mp3 13.12 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_006_C005.mp3 10.4 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_007_C006.mp3 13.25 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_008_C007.mp3 13.79 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_009_C008.mp3 12.68 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_010_C009.mp3 13.76 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_011_C010.mp3 10.72 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_012_C011.mp3 12.04 MBs
The Memory of Old Jack 1746192_013_C012.mp3 10.32 MBs
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